This product works where the business or individual creates a template that can be used to send emails through Microsoft Outlook (NB: 2010 upwards).

The email is stored on the cloud so that any changes may be applied "globally" for a 1 seat to 500 seat organisation. i.e. you have 20 people in your organisation using 3 templates and the disclaimer changes, so you go to the website and update the template in the cloud. All twenty users' 3 x templates change and you continue to send quality emails.

Additionally the email templates may be cached locally so internet interruption does not affect email creation through this program.

The complete normal operation of Outlook may be achieved when required, or as a .

This product is in use by JADER Ltd and is available if required on a rental basis which includes a maintenance and support arrangement with enhancements as required.

The product may also be made to run on an intranet if this arrangement suits the customer.

The customised Outlook Ribbon is displayed below:

j Outlook Template Selection Screen (this appears when there are more than one Template to choose from in the user profile):

Example of a rendered j Outlook Template, in outlook client. Note the template is HTML based and can take any design considerations thought up by the customer.

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